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Why Us?

KANOU is a comprehensive precision partner that has a strong presence in Asia, particularly in South East Asia. Our expertise lies in the production of cover glass, machined, stamped, and plastic injection parts. In addition, we have a global sourcing network that enables us to handle everything from product assembly to retail packaging and distribution.


  • Our company actively seeks out and integrates cutting-edge technologies into our manufacturing processes. By doing so, we are able to develop products that are tailored to meet the latest market demands, providing our customers with a competitive advantage in the industry.

Expertise and Experience

  • Our team is composed of extensively skilled experts who possess extensive experience in the manufacturing and development of glass, metal, and plastics for various industries such as Medical, New Energy, Industrial, Smart Home, and more. We take great pride in our profound knowledge and exceptional abilities, allowing us to consistently deliver top-notch products of the utmost quality.

Custom approach

  • Our clients are highly valued at our organization, and we make it a point to understand their requirements and expectations. By offering ready-made solutions and expert consultation, we aim to deliver optimal results for their needs.

Musk Lyu, hailing from Dongguan, China

Musk LYU, hailing from Dongguan, China, founded KANOU Group with a vision to excel in precision machining. Armed with a deep understanding of mechanical engineering, Musk established the company to cater to the global demand for high-quality mechanical parts and touch screen cover glass. KANOU Group quickly gained traction, serving clients in diverse industries such as automotive, semiconductor, medical, and industrial CNC. Musk’s commitment to innovation and adaptability is evident in his strategic shift towards internationalization in response to market fluctuations. His decision to explore new sectors like electric vehicles and medical robotics, coupled with establishing overseas offices and production facilities, underscores KANOU Group’s journey towards global prominence. With a focus on anticipating customer needs and expanding into emerging markets, Musk envisions KANOU Group as a locally recognized brand, poised to thrive on the international stage.

Our speciality, unique selling point:

We are a reliable partner for various industries where precision technology plays a key role. Our products and services are used in the following areas:


  • We provide precision components and integrated solutions for semiconductor manufacturers, ensuring stable and efficient operation of their production lines.

Industrial / IoT

  • Our technological solutions contribute to the creation of intelligent control and monitoring systems in the industrial sector, increasing process efficiency and automation.


  • We develop and supply precision components and medical equipment for medical device manufacturers, ensuring high accuracy and reliability in diagnosis and treatment.

New Energy

  • Our company places a strong emphasis on environmental issues, and we also prioritize the development of new energy solutions. By leveraging our technical expertise, we are able to provide customers with parts that closely match their complex designs for mass production, contributing to our collective efforts in preserving the environment.

Smart Home

  • Our offerings extend beyond cover glass panels for display/touch modules, as we provide comprehensive solutions with customizable or standard integrated display/touch modules, eliminating the need for customers to search for multiple partners.

How We Can Benefit Our Clients?

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Customized Solutions

Our team is prepared to design and manufacture tailor-made products and comprehensive solutions that align perfectly with the preferences and demands of our customers.

High quality and reliability

Our products stands out for its superior quality and dependability, achieved through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and rigorous quality checks throughout the manufacturing process.

Continuous cooperation and relationship development

Our goal is to establish enduring partnerships with our customers founded on trust, transparency, and mutually advantageous collaboration, all aimed at fostering their achievements and well-being.

Our partners: