A birthday celebration video recorded by colleagues on their 19th year of business

April 5th is the anniversary of our establishment. Counting from April 5, 2005 (business license time), this year is our 19th year of establishment. I was not in China for this year’s anniversary. I went to Kyushu, Japan to visit customers. To be honest, I forgot about it that day. It wasn’t until I saw the celebration videos uploaded on various company promotional platforms the next day that I suddenly remembered the group’s birthday. After seeing the video that my colleagues participated in the production, I was inspired and wrote the following paragraph in the circle of friends, which is now reprinted here: After working for 19 years, my gains far outweigh my efforts! I have no talent, With the help of customers and partners, Thanks to the efforts of colleagues, Working hard till now. No big achievements, We have been serving many Fortune 500 companies and outstanding industry customers. It’s what I’m proud of and what motivates me to continue to fight! As an operator, I feel more and more that my abilities are limited, Worry about becoming a ceiling for the company. Fortunately, I am quite lucky, Excellent talents are constantly joining us. And I also adhere to the principle of the stupid bird flying first, Replace mediocre talent with hard work. While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, Contribute to the progress of mankind and society. This business philosophy will be implemented throughout!