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Enter the realm of precision technology, where attention to detail is crucial and excellence is more than a norm – it’s a promise. KANOU provides not only goods, but transformative solutions that revolutionize your perception of precision and creativity.

Our Certificates

We prioritize the quality of our products on the journey towards excellence,as evidenced by our certifications such as ISO certification and other industry accreditations. These certifications showcase our dedication to meeting the highest international standards in KANOU, where our technical strength is demonstrated through ISO9001, IATF16949, and ISO13485 quality system certifications.

The KANOU Group

We are a reliable partner for various industries where precision technology plays a key role. Our products and services are used in the following areas:

Kanou Precision

  • Our expertise lies in catering to your requirements for both metal and plastic components, as well as providing assembly services.


  • If you’re looking for a reliable entity that caters to your medical needs, AbleMed is the one to trust, especially when it comes to adhering to ISO 13485 regulations

Gelivable Glass

  • Our team of glass experts specializes in tailoring glasses to meet your unique requirements, while also offering a comprehensive solution for your display and touch module needs

and other industries

KANOU serves globally with 99% of our parts exported to Japan, Europe & NAFTA


  • We provide precision components and integrated solutions for semiconductor manufacturers, ensuring stable and efficient operation of their production lines.

Industrial / IoT

  • Our technological solutions contribute to the creation of intelligent control and monitoring systems in the industrial sector, increasing process efficiency and automation.


  • We develop and supply precision components and medical equipment for medical device manufacturers, ensuring high accuracy and reliability in diagnosis and treatment.

New energy

  • Our solutions in the field of new energies facilitate the development and production of highly efficient solar and wind energy installations, contributing to the transition to a more sustainable energy system.

Smart Home

  • We offer innovative solutions for creating smart homes, including precision components for smart lighting, security, climate control, and energy-saving technologies.

Where Quality Is Born

We strive to deliver parts that match the quality standards of Japanese-made products, as it is our guiding principle.

Our Capabilities

Technical Reviews/ Proposals/ DFM

Our team is committed to actively participating in your design phase to offer early insights on production feasibility and viability. This collaborative approach ensures seamless alignment from prototyping to serial production, resulting in cost-effective manufacturing and high yield rates.

Customization of Cover Glass Panels

Our specialty lies in providing tailored glass solutions, including unique shapes and profiles, along with additional processes like chemical hardening, anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-fingerprint coatings, and intricate silkscreening. Additionally, we offer integrated display/touch modules for your convenience..

Precision Metal Stamping

Our expertise ranges from prototyping with sheet metal to designing and fabricating stamping tools, along with providing support for serial production. We specialize in progressive stamping and deep drawn processes, and also offer surface treatment services such as plating for the parts.

Precision Machining

Our company specializes in utilizing 5-axis machines from Okuma and other renowned Japanese brands to expertly machine intricate profiles with precision up to 0.001mm. Additionally, we are capable of machining large parts up to 1600mm in size.

Plastic Injection Molding

Our services encompass a diverse selection of plastics suitable for injection molding, including but not limited to PEEK, POM, PE, PP, PS, PEI, PTFE, PPSU, as well as various rubbers and polymers.

Assemblies & Surface Treatment

We are pleased to offer you components and are eager to enhance our partnership by providing additional value-added services. Our capabilities include assembly, retail packaging, and distribution.

Global Sourcing of Unique/Standard items

With our network of international offices across Asia, we guarantee a dependable and consistent supply of standard or tailored products to meet your requirements. We manage the entire process from production to quality control and delivery, positioning ourselves as your comprehensive precision partner.

We strictly abide by the guiding principles of Mr. Inamori Kazuo in all our business operations

Business philosophy

Core value

Our company is in the high end precision industry business, every part or component supplied to our customers is critical to their function. Therefore, we established systems & workflows to ensure and lead our employees towards a positive & strive for excellence mindset.

Continuous striving for excellence is a must for a craftsman, and this is also the basic fundamental for our business. The success of our business is determined by how precise we are, by continuous striving for excellence, we will continue to improve & innovate on our skill set to challenge and overcome all obstacles.

This Strive for Excellence mindset must be embedded in our work attitude and in every single employee across all business divisions, and we should project such mentality positively to win praises from others. This is the spirit of Kanou Precision.

Respect the Divine and Love People

It refers to always treat the work with a fair and modest attitude, and have a heart of advocating nature, loving human beings, loving work, loving the company and loving the motherland. We follow Mr. Inamori Kazuo has been advocating, in the company to promote and practice the faith of respect for heaven and love, guide the company to conduct business activities correctly, is the foundation of all members of Kanou Precision.

The so-called “respecting heaven” means doing things according to their nature. “Heaven” here refers to objective laws, that is, the nature of things. Adhere to the principle of carrying out the right thing in the right way.

The so-called “loving human beings” is to behave according to human nature. The ” loving human beings ” here is “altruism”, “altruism” is the basic starting point of life, and altruism is also helping yourself.

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You can reach us anytime via raymond.chew@kanouprecision.com


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