We are doing a feasibility study on investing in glass cover processing plants in Southeast Asia

In March, I went to Thailand with my Singaporean colleagues to visit Japanese customers. We would like to recommend the sales of glass covers. Their subsidiaries of the same group already have projects in mass production, so we think there are still relatively large opportunities. The person in charge of customer procurement is a very young Japanese who has just arrived in Thailand less than 2 months ago. However, he was very warm and polite. After listening to our company introduction, he truly stated the company’s purchasing policy or purchasing intention. The customer’s current glass supplier is in China and has been with them for many years. There are currently no problems, costs and other aspects have reached a level acceptable to both parties, and there is no reason to change suppliers. However, because they are worried about the future relations between China and the United States, especially the fact that the United States will take the lead in increasing tariffs on various products, they still hope to find cooperative glass cover factories in countries other than China. If we, KANOU, can establish a glass factory in Southeast Asia, it will be an opportunity to establish a cooperative relationship… Although there are currently no direct cooperation opportunities, the customer also specially introduced us to colleagues from the Japanese head office, because only the Japanese head office has What really determines the authority of the supplier. He felt that if we really had the opportunity to establish a factory in Southeast Asia, it would be a good decision to communicate with Japan in advance. Last week, my Japanese colleagues and I visited the customer’s Japanese R&D center. Because of the introduction given by the Thai side, we met the real person in charge very smoothly. Everyone got straight to the point and talked directly about the business opportunities of glass covers. The purchasing intention of customers is the same as what we heard in Thailand, that is, they hope that new products or new models will be produced in Southeast Asia. Since the assembly business is basically in Southeast Asia, the company is promoting localized procurement. Of course, we are currently encountering many problems. The supply chain in Southeast Asia is incomplete and there are very few glass processing factories. They currently do not have suppliers that fully meet the requirements. This is certainly an opportunity for us. After discussing with my Japanese colleagues, I decided to start the investment feasibility study on the glass cover factory again. Speaking of it, it was because of the epidemic that we did it once. Although it was not very comprehensive, we did a lot of preliminary investigations. But four years have passed, the macro environment has changed a lot, and our company has also made a lot of adjustments internally. We need to carefully review funding, talent, logistics, location selection, etc. again. If you are interested in investing in a glass cover processing factory in Southeast Asia, please contact me to see if there are any opportunities for cooperation.